I love being creative and trying my hand at most things do-it-yourself. I’m not a cheap person, but I find the cost of so many products these days to be excessive, and I simply cannot justify purchasing them.

When I was in high school and university (with not much extra money), I found myself making and redesigning outfits. As I got older, my love for baking grew and I taught myself the basics of creating beautiful cakes and gum paste flowers. When I got married, I was shocked at how much more expensive everything costs when you use the word wedding, that I designed and created my own wedding invitations, favours, and desserts. I’m now planning our second “white wedding” (yes, if one wedding wasn’t painful enough, we went back for seconds as our first wedding was at a registry office), and everything is DIY: the cake, desserts, food, cocktails, decorations, even to the point where we’re growing our own flowers to use on the tables and bouquet. My husband and I purchased our first house in August 2012 and we are both looking at ways to reduce our renovation costs. My husband has started doing furniture restoration, and I’ve started designing my own home decor (cushions and linen), as well as learning the art of landscaping and growing my own fruits and vegetables. I’ve travelled a lot and find that main stream products aren’t usually my preferred style, I really enjoy getting back to basics and nature, keeping everything natural and with character. I decorate our home with photographs I’ve taken during my travels, and items I’ve collected along the way.

I guess I wanted to start a blog as an outlet to share everything I/we have created, in order to potentially inspire others to do the same. Nowadays, we usually surf the internet for inspiration and I have come across a few blogs that I have absolutely fallen in love with. So hopefully this blog will be somewhere you can come back to for ideas.


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