My Little Pony Cake

A few years ago I was sharing a house with 3 other girls, one of which had a beautiful daughter. So to celebrate her birthday, I made her this pony cake (because we used to watch My Little Ponies’ together, one of my favourites growing up).

This cake is fun to make and one pan gives you so many options. You can create so many different designs and themes for both girls and boys (cowboy and cowgirl theme), and use what ever colour combination you choose.

You can purchase this pan online. It’s so devastating that Wilton doesn’t ship to Australia, so try Ebay and Amazon, or a Wilton supplier near you.  You can hire this pan from the Kitchenware Megastore in Loganholme.


You will need:
Wilton Precious Pony Pan
2 packets of Betty Crocker’s Devil’s Food Cake Mix (plus additional ingredients to make cake)
Icing Colours: Your choice, but I used Wilton Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple
Edible glitter/shimmer
Butter cream icing

Wilton Tips 3, 4, 16, 21 (or equivalent)
Piping bags
Cake board

Make around 3 cups butter cream icing.
The amount of butter cream you need to tint will depend on the area you need to cover, so the following is an estimation only.
Tint 1⁄4 cup Blue
Tint 1⁄4 cup Green
Tint 1⁄4 cup Yellow
Tint 1⁄4 cup  Pink
Tint 3/4 cup Dark Pink/Red combination (thin with 1 Tablespoon light corn syrup)
Tint 1 cup Purple
I suggest that you tint all icings at one time while the cake cools. You can refrigerate icings in covered containers until ready to use.

How to Decorate:
1. Ice cake sides and background areas with dark pink/red icing combination.
2. Outline head, body, legs, ear, eye and mouth with tip 3 in Dark Pink/Red Combination icing.
3. Pipe in ear with tip 3 in Dark Pink/Red Combination icing (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch).
4. Outline eyes with Dark Pink/Red Combination icing with tip 3.
5. Pipe in eyes with tip 3 white icing (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch).
6. Pipe hooves with tip 16 in Dark Pink/Red Combination icing.
7. Cover body, legs and head using tip 16 purple stars.
8. Add eyelashes and nostril using tip 3 with Dark Pink/Red Combination icing.
9. Use tip 21 to create swirls for mane (I put pink, green, blue and yellow icing in one piping bag to get a rainbow affect). You can use one colour if you like. YouTube video below.
10. I lightly dusted the cake with edible glitter/shimmer.
Optional: Pipe tip 21 shell border at base of cake with Dark Pink/Red Combination icing.
Optional message: I purchased from Coles or Woolworths a pre-made sugar letter set, and gently pushed them into the icing to stick.

Here’s a link to the Wilton website ‘Instructions for Baking and Decorating Precious Pony Cake‘.

Here’s a YouTube video by ‘Exquistely Abby’ on how to pipe with multiple colours.

Cake inspiration by reecespiecesandme


By cakecentral


Untitled-2 copy


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