Jungle Theme

I was asked to make some cupcakes with a jungle theme. So naturally… I Googled ‘jungle cupcakes’ and trolled through the hundreds of ideas available to me. I found a few designs which I loved, and so replicated them. There weren’t any instructions on how to create the designs, so I tried my best to copy what I saw.
I used ready-to-roll fondant, divided it and coloured it accordingly to what I needed.

I thought these turned out so cute!

I simply used the ready-to-roll fondant to create the features of a Zebra, Giraffe, Monkey and Elephant.




ele copy

To create the Tiger’s stripes, I drew them on using an edible pen in black. I found it difficult to get the right shape using fondant.


I had some left over fondant and cupcakes, so I attempted some other designs.
To recreate the Tiger and Zebra stripes… I rolled out the fondant into thin sheets and roughly cut out stripes using a sharp knife. I lifted and placed these stripes accordingly on to the white and orange fondant, placed a sheet of baking paper over the top and gently used a rolling pin to combine the two fondants together. Once the stripes were securely joined, I used a round cutter to cut out my cupcake background.
I put these fondant circles on to the cupcakes.
In another colour, I cut out Jayden’s name and using a paint brush and water (very small amount required), lightly brushed the back of each character and placed on to my zebra and tiger stripes.



Fantastic news… I was surfing around on YouTube today and I actually found a link that shows you how to make the animal cupcakes. Now there’s no talking, but each feature is clearly shown. So I’ve added the links below.

Untitled-2 copy 


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