Black and White Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for a friend’s engagement party. I had offered to make them a few weeks prior and she said she would let me know. Well… I should learn to clarify when I offer to make things, how much notice I actually need. I got a phone call from her the day before she need these done… oh and the theme was ‘Black and White’ and if I could make them using a white chocolate butter cream I had at my engagement party a few weeks prior. Well, I went into panic mode and ripped my kitchen apart looking for anything black and white that I could quickly put together. Luckily, I actually had some of the white chocolate butter cream in the freezer that was left over. So I thawed that out and got to work making some roses. At this point I really didn’t know what I was going to do, just that I needed to get some of this started and I would figure it out later. While the roses were drying out, I made a dash to Spotlight and managed to get these black and white cupcake liners.Luck was definitely on my side that day. I went home, made the cupcakes and started mucking around with design… this is what I came up with!

bw all

How to cover cupcake with fondant


How to make a bow using fondant

bw bowbw rose2

How to make a Rose using a silicone mould
I wasn’t able to find a tutorial using the rose mould, but I found this YouTube video which shows you the basics of using silicone moulds. Hopefully this helps you. I’ve added a picture of rose mould I used to create the white rose you see on the cupcakes. I let the roses dry completely (hence I made them first) and then used a paint brush and edible shimmer to give them a glow.


                        bw rosebw2

How to create the quilt effect

I actually have a diamond decorating tool which came with some ‘spare parts’ (as is shown in the below picture). I used the Wilton quilting tool to create the diamond effect, then took the flower embosser from the diamond tool to add patterns in the middle of each diamond. I then used a plunger cutter to make the flowers and attached them to the cupcake using a dash water.


Untitled-2 copy


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