Renovation Update – October 2012

We wanted to create a beautiful entrance when you walk in the gate’s of our property, and decided on building an arbor and growing wisteria.


                                       tumblr_mldv0bVeoj1r6rezio1_500    wisteria-tunnel-more-colors


Our retaining walls at the entrance are very wide (1700mm), and we weren’t able to find a kit with the required width. The widest from Bunnings was only 1200mm. My husband, being very handy and creative, purchased 2 garden arch kits, similar to this provincial arch from Bunnings and modified the design by adding additional treated pine to make the arch longer and wider. So clever!


This kit costs $149.95
(Thought I had some pictures of the “production”, but I can’t find them. Will add when I do).
Here is the finished product!!! Hubby with his proud work!
       IMG_1865[1] IMG_1864[1]
Now for the wisteria to grow!
Untitled-2 copy

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