Renovation Update – September 2012

Vertical Gardening

So, the previous owner planted some Chinese star jasmine in the front garden beds. Love the jasmine, but they planted them and let them be. So it literally became a pile of jasmine. You can see the jasmine plants at the base of each of the fence posts.


I had a thought to have the jasmine trelis along the fence creating a vertical garden.


My husband, who always shudders when I tell him I have an idea, very kindly helped me with the project and told me what materials to use. We had planned to give the fence a fresh lick of paint, as it was slightly green!

What you need:
Chicken wire
Shade cloth (optional)

After we had painted the fence, we put up some green shade cloth and attached it along the fence. You don’t need to use shade cloth, but I didn’t want the jasmine poking out between the fence paling, so used the shade cloth as a barrier.


Once the shade cloth was up, we repeated the process with chicken wire.


Then I started to untangle the jasmine and weave it through the chicken wire. There was one plant in particular that was very well established, and in the process of trying to untangle it, I broke one of the main branches. Which in hindsight was good, as there was SO much of it left!


This was the finished product at the time. It has since covered a lot more space, but I don’t have any updated pictures right now. Will upload some later.


We mirrored the look on the other side. The shorter retaining wall had a Christmas bush growing, whilst the larger (on the left) had 4 citrus plants. So we dug out the Christmas bush and planted another 2 citrus plants and bought 2 more Chinese Star Jasmines. I’m a sucker for symmetry!


To add some colour, I bought some Salvias and created a border along both retaining walls.
The reason I chose Salvias was to try and encourage more bees to the garden beds to help pollinate the citrus trees.
Untitled-2 copy

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