Renovation Update – April 2013

Choosing Exterior Paint Colours!

We planned on building the house in stages, meaning the exterior would be the first thing completed. That is to satisfy the Brisbane City Council’s rules. We have to finish the project in 18 months, which we wouldn’t have based on how we originally planned to stage the build. So we will have the exterior completed in that time frame and take our time on the interior. So… paint colours!

Our roof is Colorbond Silver. I haven’t climbed on the roof with my colour swatch, so from a distance: I’m fairly certain it is Surfmist.


So to work in with the roof… we wanted a light coloured exterior. I’m not a fan of white exteriors, so the next best would be a very pale grey. In order to break up the two greys (roof and paint) we would go for a dark contrasting colour on the gutters, and Matt wanted to paint the window frames with a semi-gloss white.

We picked Dulux Tin Cat for the exterior wall colour.


We did a few sample areas and it looked great, however, now that we are truly under way with the painting, some people have commented that it throws a blue/purple hue. I have noticed it myself, but I’m hoping that is due to the reflection of the current palings enclosing the under house area. The paling are a kind of royal/navy blue colour.
Now, the dark contrasting colour we picked for the gutters (and that would eventually replace the royal/navy blue palings) is a dark grey with a dark blue undertone. It looks charcoal in the picture, but it definitely has a blue to it when you start painting! As we didn’t want a completely grey exterior, we had thought this Jet Grey would work. So here’s hoping that darker colour will correct the blue/purple hue and if not… well sod it! We’re not repainting the house for at least another 5-10 years!

Taubmans Jet Grey




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