Renovation Update – May 2013

The Cladding comes off and the Painting begins!

Since we had some delays with our plans and we were months away from raising the house, we decided to make some changes to the exterior. The house is covered in white plastic cladding and under it is a nice weatherboard. We decided to remove the cladding and restore the weatherboard. We got some quotes on cladding removal, sanding and painting… WOW! More then a few thousand… so to save on costs, Matt removed the cladding (what man doesn’t enjoy some demolition work!) and we decided to paint. Oh, and we (Matt) had to silicone between the boards – more work.
So we hired a contractor to sand the house – which was unavoidable as the paint had lead in it. So it cost us $3000 to have the house sanded. They did a great job, and I’m happy we are doing the rest ourselves… essentially saving around $4-5k.

We do have some pictures of the sanding process. I will find them and post.

Here is the finished product post-sanding!


These pictures show the boards before and after using the silicone to fill the gaps.

BEFORE                                                  AFTER

       IMG_1295 IMG_1296



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