Renovation Update – May 2013

Interior Timber Floors

When we originally decided to renovate, we thought we would save money by using a laminate click flooring.  The more research we did, the more we came to the conclusion to use a timber flooring instead. More durable and we can give it a make over (i.e. sanding and re-varnish) when it starts to look ratty. You can’t do that with laminate, plus you need to be careful which rooms you use the laminate in.  I wanted to do the kitchen with the laminate, but Matt was hesitant as the water could damage the boards if they weren’t sealed properly, so he wanted to tile the kitchen. That wasn’t going to happen (tiling), so timber floors it was!

Our current house has timber flooring in. The boards are 85mm width in varying lengths.

We thought we would go for a wide board on the new level 130mm width in varying lengths. We just preferred the look of it. We went to a few home shows and spoke with different vendors, and the wide board always came out on top for us.

The next issue was colour. I didn’t want a light wooden floor board, I was hoping to achieve a very dark brown look.



We’ve chosen a NSW Spotted Gum for our new floors. We purchased some Select (or Classic) grade (top end) from a guy who had some boards left over from his renovation, and I’ve got a quote on a Standard (or Natural) grade (more knots and grain). The Standard is cheaper than the Select, and I think the Standard boards will give the house more character with all its imperfections. So we will either mix the Select in with the Standard, or use the Select in a specific area. Haven’t decided yet, and I don’t think we will until it comes to laying the floor down so we can see how it would look.


I’m pretty sure that the floor boards we’re getting are sourced from Boral. It’s the strip flooring range with tongue and groove. This is what the Spotted Gum looks like:


Once it’s installed, it’ll be sanded back (I’m going to try my hand at that) and then stain them with Feast Watson’s Black Japan.


We bought a sample pot from Bunnings and we had some short lengths (900mm) of the Spotted Gum which I used as a test board. 2 coats look stunning! The only thing now is to buy a sample pot of varnish and put that over the top. I want to know if that will make the colour darker as I might to stick one coat depending. But I think that dark floors with white walls is a classic look.

I’ve been watching YouTube videos on how to sand, stain and varnish timber floors. I’m really keen to give the sand and staining a go, but I’m hesitant to do the varnish. So might get someone in to finish it off. See how we go closer to the actual project. I’ll post some videos and pictures at that time.



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