Since I’m new to blogging and I can’t figure out how to show a side bar with my posts, I’ve created this page with links to all my recipes – sweet and savoury! I’m trying to be creative by adding pictures for you all to click on to take you to the recipe. Personally, I prefer recipes that come with pictures so I have a basic idea of how the dish should turn out. I’m putting my Adobe Elements skills to the test… Fingers-crossed I actually get this to work. Enjoy!


Care Bear Cake
My Little Pony Cake
Blue’s Clues Cake
Pirate Cake
Dinosaur Cake
Elmo Cake


Butter Cream Icing Recipe (using Crisco)
Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting
Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting
Dark, Milk and White Chocolate Ganache

savoury lover feature image

tagine feature imagechickenkalesoup feature imagebeouf copy

sweet tooth feature image

blueberry feature imagecrumble feature imagepainauchocolat feature image

fruit cake feature image

rose swirl feature imagebananahoney feature image
choch cupcakes feature imagealmondmaplybiscuits feature image



pavolva feature imagechocraspmess feature image


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