Cake Decorating Basics #14

Cupcake Frosting Techniques

I came across these 2 cute blogs by ‘Glorious Treats‘ and ‘Niner Bakes‘. They have a page all about frosting techniques and a few different frosting recipes you could try! I’ve added their photos to show you what each tip can create.

Link to Niner Bakes

Here’s the link to Glorious Treats (these are her pictures below)

Cupcakes wtih tips



Cake Decorating Basics #10

Cupcake Frosting Technique using Wilton Tip #67

This is such a cute frosting technique! The tip is actually a leaf decorating tip, so I would never have thought to use it in this fashion. It’s so simple, yet so effective! Thank you ‘strawberrychicblog’ for sharing this!


What do you think of this technique? Any other suggestions?

Cake Decorating Basics #9

Cupcake Frosting Techniques

These YouTube video’s by ‘CupcakeCentralAU’ show you several techniques on how to decorate cupcakes with butter cream frosting. These are fantastic techniques if you’re a beginner or just want new ideas. Enjoy! x

The first video demonstrates the Wilton 1M Open Star and Petal Tip 127.


The second video demonstrates the Wilton 11 plain round tip, a french tip and a plain star tip. These come in different sizes as per the picture below.


What do you think of these technique? Any other suggestions?

Cake Decorating Basics #1

Piping Bags 101 & How to make them

We all want to make beautiful cupcake and cake creations, but we need to get back to basics and learn how to use the tools were working with. I’ve found some excellent YouTube tutorials by ‘Cupcake and Cardio’ that shows you about the different types of piping bags you can purchase, and how to make your own!
I hope these help you!

Rose Swirl Cake

I made this Chocolate Rose Swirl cake for a friend: It was her sister’s 50th birthday. This cake is very simple to make and decorate. I love how the rose swirls create such a beautiful cover. I added the pink flowers to break it up and give it a touch of colour.
I’ve put together a quick HOW TO so you can recreate this look.
Hopefully you enjoy creating this as much as I did.


What you need:
Cake recipe of your choice – I used Devil’s Food Cake
Chocolate butter cream frosting
Tylose powder

Wilton 1M tip
5 Petal cutter
Embossing/Texture/Impression mat
Piping bag
Rolling pin
Cake board
Drinking glass
Aluminium foil

How to create rose swirls:


I’ve included a YouTube tutorial by Lori’s Bakery that helped me with this rose swirl technique. Hopefully it will help you to!

To make the flowers:


I used fondant and added tylose powder. Roll the fondant out to 2mm thickness. Use an embossing mat at this point.I don’t actually own a proper embossing mat, they can be quite expensive. I do however own a heart shaped cookie cutter set that came with some embossing mats. I used the second mat pictured and used my fingers to apply enough pressure to transfer the pattern on to the fondant. To get a continuous pattern going, when you get close to the edge of the heart, stop and reposition the mat where you left off and reapply pressure. I think this is a great way to hone skills – you don’t need to own every piece of cake decorating supplies in order to achieve the look you are after.  Remember to lightly cover your embossing mat with cornstarch to prevent the fondant from sticking. Once you have embossed your fondant, use the petal cutter.


I used a 5 Petal Plunger Cutter. I find these so easy to use. You can use a conventional cutter also, just be sure to gently apply pressure to the fondant when removing it from the cutter. Too much pressure you can indent or mis-shape the fondant.

                      blossom-plunger-cutter_2_lg copy cutter

 To give the flower some shape, cover a glass with aluminium foil and create a shallow dip. Place the flower in this dip and it will dry to that shape. Again… cost saving! Allow to dry overnight.


Use some left over butter cream frosting to apply the flowers to the cake.


Untitled-2 copy